The Pregnancy Episodes

Episode 1: Introduction to the Pregnancy Series

The founders of Lola&Lykke, Laura and Kati, are keen to ensure you have all the information you need so that you can approach pregnancy and childbirth with confidence. The first episode introduces our amazing presenter, Midwife Marie Louise, who has been working in midwifery for a decade. 

Episode 2: What happens to your body and why (35 mins)

In this episode we will be talking about various pregnancy symptoms and the best way to manage them. We'll cover glowing, shiny hair, morning sickness, exhaustion, constipation, skin changes, stretch marks, haemorrhoids, pelvic pain, heartburn, bleeding and muscle separation. Of course you might not experience any of these but it's well worth being prepared and having the tools to deal with them.

Episode 3: What to expect from your antenatal appointments and the role of your midwife (20 mins)

Antenatal appointments are a key part of your pregnancy journey. We’ll talk about what to expect and give you some tips on how to make the most of them. Marie will cover screenings, blood tests and your many rights. We will also talk about our favourite B.R.A.I.N tool and the relationship between you and your midwife. 

Episode 4: Physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy (6 mins)

In this special edition episode that has been compiled in collaboration with Lola&Lykke physiotherapy experts, we explain how hormonal changes affect your core and body during pregnancy, what the common gestational pains are caused by and what steps you can take to alleviate them. 

Episode 5: Looking after your body and your mind (28 mins)

Looking after your physical and mental health during pregnancy is hugely important. We will talk about food groups, supplements, and takeaways. We will also talk about the highs and lows of pregnancy and give you some tools to help you manage these just in case you need to.

Episode 6: Partners in pregnancy (13 mins)

In this episode we are going to talk about partners in pregnancy and by that we don't just mean your hubbie, boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be your mum, your sister or your best friend. We'll cover the importance of communication and sharing your journey. We will also cover some relationship topics like sex and intimacy. 

Episode 7: Preparing for birth (31 mins)

Getting ready for birth is curious business. We will talk about getting your baby into a good position and what you can do to prevent tearing. We cover hypnobirthing and fear dumping. We will also go through what you actually need in your hospital bag and provide a downloadable checklist for you and baby.

Episode 8: Making your birth plan (42 mins)

In this episode we will talk about why you should make a birth plan even though Gertie from next door swears it’s a waste of time because 'birth never goes to plan'. We will explain about c-sections and talk in detail about all the various pain relief options available to you. Remember, pain is individual and no one else's business.

Episode 9: How to make a postnatal plan (20 min)

Making a postnatal plan can often be the last thing that pregnant mums think about but thinking about it sooner rather than later is definitely the way to go. We’ll talk about support, community, feeding plans and in-laws! We will talk a little more about judgement because somehow everyone reckons they are an expert when you have a new baby in your arms and we will also talk about postnatal poos (erm, not baby's).

Episode 10: Overdue (24 mins)

In this episode we are going to talk about how babies don’t care about due dates and what is considered overdue. We are going to go over your rights around your birth choices and talk about stretch and sweeps. We will also explain all about what happens during an induction, how long it takes, what to bring and what to expect from the process - apart from a baby (or two) at the end!

Episode 11: Welcoming your baby (21 mins)

Shopping for your baby is definitely one of the most fun parts of being pregnant - all those tiny little items that look so cute and necessary. But what do you actually need? When should you buy what? Who should you look to for guidance on safety? All of this and more is covered in this final episode with the ultimate message being that you are enough - all your baby really needs, is you.