The Birth Episodes

Episode 1: Introduction to the Birth Series

In Marie’s words, as a midwife, there´s no greater privilege than to be present at someone´s birth and helping and encouraging them through that. More than anything it´s the raw emotion and vulnerability you just don´t see anywhere else in life. 

Episode 2: Having a fear free birth (28 mins)

It is common for to fear labour and birth, especially with how it can be portrayed by the media. Marie runs through the top two fears and how to get on top of them, as well as a fear dumping exercise, that can really work wonders.

Episode 3: Your powerful mind (20 mins)

During labour, we need to draw on a different part of our brain but how do we access it? We will be going into lots of detail about that and the 'love hormone', oxytocin. It's the same hormone that is released during an orgasm, just saying.

Episode 4: Hypnobirthing (32 mins)

Marie is a qualified hypnobirthing instructor, so she shares what hypnobirthing is all about. We will run through breathing and other relaxation techniques and have even recorded a relaxation track for you.

Episode 5: Your birth partner (32 mins)

Supportive birth partners will make the world of difference. In this episode Marie will explain what they are getting themselves into and she has also recorded a section for them to listen to (including a few jobs for them to do) if that's ok with you...

Episode 6: The early stages of labour (30 mins)

This episode is all about the exciting beginning of labour, or rather, the unexciting beginning. We're led to believe it starts with a bang when in fact, it is usually slow and uneventful. There is still lots you can do during this time but pacing yourself is name of the game.

Episode 7: Giving birth (29 mins)

In this episode we are going to talk about what happens to your body once you go into established labour. We are going to go through the various stages in detail so you know exactly what to expect and talk through the benefits of having an active labour.

Episode 8: Birth through the eyes of your baby (20 mins)

Your baby - the best little birth partner you could have hoped for. We will talk about what it feels like for them to be born, the birth pause and the golden hour. Most of these moments we mention are what this has all been about... magical.

Episode 9: Positive Birth Stories (10 mins)

Three different mums tell their stories of birth, explaining that even when interventions and assisted births happen, you can turn these into positive experiences. In fact, one in four births in the UK happen through a c-section. Things very often do not go to plan at birth, and therefore prior knowledge of different possibilities can really make you feel empowered in the choices you have.